What does BEB do?

We are a group of passionate experienced educators who specialise in developing bespoke solutions for individuals, schools and colleges worldwide.

BEB English Exams

BEB Exams are based on not only the rationale of the communicative language assessment, but also the basic premises of developmental and cognitive psychology. We assess four language skills; spoken skills are assessed one-to-one by BEB examiners in person either onsite or online.

BEB Events

Take part in our motivating and practical workshops where you will learn how to plan, prepare and deliver TESOL lessons, other issues related to EFL, methodology and professional development.

Become a teacher

Are you fluent in English? Make a new career in teaching English. Get your international INTESOL's TESOL Certificate and start your adventure! We have tutor-aided self-study,online live classes and hybrid options.

Learn Languages

BEBBING is a social way of learning foreign languages; it's your private language learning network. Learn languages in multi-national live classes with native-speaking teachers from England